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Buyers, Are You Doing the Right Thing?

What’s problematic for people who go into property investment without a clue of what is going on?

Everything, of course.

I cannot stress enough on how crucial it is for you to do your homework and know what exactly you are getting yourself into to prevent burning yourself – badly.

So now, what do you think is the environment for buyers in Singapore? With property prices declining to new lows, do you think that it is feasible for you to purchase a property now?

Yes. You should.

Be very greedy as a buyer. Do not fear the market and uncertainties in the future.

In today’s market where prices are on the decline, see it as a potential opportunity to buy at attractive prices. That is what successful, smart investors do – they buy low, and sell high when the market is on an upturn once again.

Don’t sit out on the market, but watch it with hungry, profit-seeking eyes very closely for your chance to strike.

It is predicted that this downturn will last till at least another one or two years.

In the meantime? Get yourself ready for better and better deals that you can snap up.

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