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Darren and Andrea

Jaysen and Apple/Darren and Apple


Both Darren and Andrea stayed in a 5 room HDB at Buangkok and their HDB just completed MOP. And they wanted to explore if there is a possibility of reinvesting their profits from the HDB to another property which a decent potential gain. But they had 2 concerns

1st Concern: If they were to purchase a new property that promises them a capital gain, they would need to rent a place and pay rental for 3 years

2nd Concern: They were unsure which property would give them a decent capital gain base on their current financial status 


Their concerns were in fact quite common to most HDB Upgraders

1st Concern: They wanted to purchase a New Property but the place would not be ready for them to shift in. Hence upgrading to a Resale Pte Property would solve this “No Place” to stay issue.

I shared with them that if they were to purchase a resale property, the monthly instalments would be much more in which the monthly interest payable can be equivalent to renting a place. And they were quite surprised as they had not thought about it before

2nd Concern: They were unsure about which property would give them a decent capital gain base on their affordability. And I knew that a 2 bedroom will not satisfy them in terms of space as well

With all these concerns that they had, I encouraged them to upgrade to a 3 Bedroom EC in Punggol instead. Because the 3 bedroom EC would cost them $9XX,XXX which is affordable. And I also showed the comparison of Pte Property prices in Punggol vs their 3 Bedroom EC price range of $9XX,XXX. And it proves to be a decent safe investment. Hence they heeded my advice and proceed with the sale of their HDB and purchase of the EC

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