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Jaysen and Apple

Jaysen and Apple/Darren and Andrea Property Case Study


Both Jaysen and Apple owned a DBSS in Yishun and they were exploring to upgrade their property. They have 2 concerns while exploring their next “Home”. 

1st Concern: Want to stay near their parents and their parents are situated in Yishun as well

2nd Concern: The property must have upside potential. As their current DBSS HDB in Yishun is not performing well. And they hoped the next property that they are going to invest should have a decent upside potential.

And naturally, one of their options was to upgrade to a recent EC Launch at Sembawang, Parc Canberra. And they were very comfortable with the 5 bedroom that cost around $1.5x mil. But they were worried if the 5 bedroom EC would be there best choice and decided to seek for a second opinion


I shared with them that if they would be able to increase their budget to $1.6x mil, they can in fact afford to buy a 3 bedroom new project at City Area with a much better potential upside. Because surrounding new projects have already transacted at $2.4 mil – $2.5 mil and this make the $1.6x mil property extremely attractive. 

And further more I highlighted the fact that buying an EC will take much longer to realise the potential profits due to the MOP reason

But they would need to weigh the balance between staying near parents and finding a potential property to invest  

And eventually they heeded my advice and proceed with the purchase of the 3 bedroom new project at city area

Appreciate their trust and support in me

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