Jayzen & Justina – Upgrading Made Simple

Case Study 6 Jayzen & Justina


Met Jayzen and Justina in July 2015 to discuss about their upgrading plans. Given the fact that they have 6 family members staying together, upgrading to an EA (Executive Apartment) for a bigger space would be a good choice for them.

However, upgrading for bigger space but with limited capital growth is not the right option. Just imagine enjoying this space while young but receiving little cash gains when old seems to be a bad scenario to be in.


After a few rounds of detailed financial analysis with them, I managed to convince them to upgrade to a New Executive Condominium instead. What is even more wonderful was the fact that they have enough reserve funds that can be used to pay for their EC monthly bank loan installments without even topping up any cash at all.

Today, I am glad to assist them with the sale of their HDB and their purchase of a new 4 bedroom EC. On top of that, I have carefully selected a right unit for them with a fantastic view at the right entry price!

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