How We Turn Our Home (HDB) Into An Investment – Upgrading Made Simple

How We Turn Our Home (HDB) Into An Investment

Our First 4 Room HDB at Buangkok

This is a story of my property investment journey. How we turn our humble home into an investment opportunity and have never looked back since.

We are a very ordinary couple, and like most Singaporeans, we bought our very first martial property back in 2006. We were pretty much clueless on what we want, so we settled for a 4-room HDB flat in Buangkok. Mind you, Buangkok then was still developing – the MRT was not in operation, and there weren’t much amenities. It was also a Sales of Balance flat because we the BTO (Build To Order) queue numbers were always disappointing and we couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer. So we went ahead with the purchase – a relatively low-level unit (level 4) for S$164,000.

My HDB on the #4 Level

Who knew that this would turn out to be one of the best investments we have had. This decision paved the way for us to upgrade our lifestyle – to a private condominium.

But like I said, we didn’t know much nor care to find out more. Partially because property investment sounds rather intimidating – ‘aiyah, we can’t afford it anyway’. I was an army regular while my wife is working as an Admin. With a combined pay of less than $10k, upgrading or investment in property is like a foreign concept, never a priority. We were content with what we had (or so I thought we did), and we were focused on having our first child. But I was increasingly frustrated with what was going for me – my career in the army, the lifestyle we had. I knew something had to change if I want a different lifestyle.

My first kid Manfred

And that was when I slowly began to look into Property Investment. I started to do things that I had never done before. To begin imagining the possibility of living in a private property, speaking to like-minded people and understand their motivations in property investments. It was a life-changing move as it opened me up a whole new perspective.

In fact, my love and desire to understand the property market and investments grew day by day. I dived deep into data and analysed trends. I wondered why some properties could make so much profit whole others made huge losses. How is that even possible?

The View from Kovan Residences. One of the properties that I met a lot of Home Owners

That interest and passion of mine soon turned into a skill set. And I have since used it to help many HDB owners kickstart their journey in property investments – turning their homes into an investment. Upgrading their lifestyle and wealth at the same time.

Advised Ryan and Theresa To buy Sims Urban Oasis

It was a joy and still is to see them attaining success. And this why I set up I want to make this journey simple for them by providing them with insights, guidance and empowering ordinary Singaporeans to make the best decisions for their property journey. I started writing blogs, creating content and sharing actively on social media.

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Fast forward to today, I managed to convince my wife to sell our HDB, and both of us are now proud owners of not one but two Private Properties!

Owner Of Avenue South Residences (Our Second Property Investment)

If you are still reading this, thank you for listening to my story. This is a very earnest story of my family and the reason why I am so passionate about what I do. I want to share the importance of making the right property investment. It is possibly one of the most expensive investment items anyone can buy, so one should never make a decision based on just hearsay. As an agent, I have witnessed so many people who are dealing with the consequence of a wrong purchase, a costly one. I get frustrated for them because these expensive mistakes could be avoided with the right guidance.

I certainly hope you don’t make them. To get you started on your property journey, you should ask yourself some of these questions. These will help you understand your needs and whether if you are on track to purchase, upgrade or kickstart your search for a home.

“What Is Your Main Objective? Is It For Investment or For Own Stay?”
“Can You Afford It Financially”
“Is This Particular Property The Right One?”
“Is This Property’s Entry Price Right?”
“Is It Really The Best Time To Buy Properties Now?”

Don’t rush into it, speak to a property expert about your concerns and needs. I would love to help you if you’d like, and you know where to reach me.

Good luck with your journey!

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