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Property Investment Gone Wrong … Owner LOST $1.99 Million!

Owner Suffered $1.99 Mil Loss from Cityvista Residences Property Investment

This article was published by EdgeProp on 17 April 2020

The owner bought Cityvista Residences and suffered total loss of $1.99 Mil in 13 years

Though I felt extremely sorry for the Owner’s losses, something inside me just wanted to understand why this could have happened 

Like any curious property investor, I am keen to uncover the facts and figures

Finding the Answer If I Would invest In This Property Back Then

Using the method of how I analyse properties today, I will be using the same exact way to analyse Cityvista Residences back then in 2007

And most importantly, to get the answer

The answer if I would have bought this investment back then

And throughout the process, draw out key important lessons that we can learn from it

And ultimately, you can too benefit and discover how to avoid similar mistakes for your future property investments as well

Finding Out The Answer If I Would Invest In This Property

From this video, you will understand 2 Important Key Lessons 

1st Lesson – Importance of Comparing Surrounding NEW PROJECTS Property Prices

2nd Lesson – Importance of Comparing Surrounding RESALE PROPERTY Prices

In the video, you would have learned that interestingly, both New Projects and Resale Property prices are lower or in fact much lower than the price of City Vista Residences

And this had a huge impact to the purchase decision eventually

Owner Could Have Avoided Buying Cityvista Residences

With the above analysis, we can safely conclude that if with the given facts and figures presented during that time, we could safely reject this property investment and thus saving us a huge investment loss

But most importantly, the question is will you invest in this property (Cityvista Residences) after watching my video?

You may agree or disagree with my analysis

But one important lesson drawn is we have to be extremely careful as it pains me enough to see many ordinary property investors or upgraders buying the wrong investments

True enough, we may not be like this Cityvista Residences Seller who is able to swallow a $1.99 Mil Loss. One slight mistake and the impact could be disastrous

And today, we are faced with so many properties like New Launches and Resale. Which is a better fit for you? Which has a better potential? How are you able to ensure that you would not end up like this owner?

Truth is we can never be sure of this!

But at least we should know how to compare surrounding projects prices just like what I shared in the video

Hopefully, this is extremely beneficial and I will be uncovering more of such properties soon!

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