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New Launch Vs Resale – Which Is Right For You?

New Launch Vs Resale?

Troubled to understand which is right for you?

There are many occasions where I understand buyers have difficulty deciding on which property best suits them.

“Should I go for New Launch? Or Should I go for Resale?”

In this video, I will share 6 common problems faced by buyers especially couples when deciding New Launch or Resale.

Couples Always Have Disagreement Between Each Other

And I will be sharing a Case Study Comparison between 2 different properties to highlight an example of Size (Resale) vs Potential (New Launch)

Do you understand what is a “Resale Property Price Gap?”. Almost all resale properties have this resale price gap which can be an issue for buyers. Not understanding this price gap can be risky

And a final sharing on a step by step guide to determine your objectives before deciding if one should look at resale or new launch property

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