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Can you actually time the property market? 06 Oct

The purpose of this video is to put this hotly debated topic to rest. A very common dilemma Singaporeans face […]

Ask Gaynor – Commonly Asked Questions
12 Jun

Welcome to my new series – Ask Gaynor In this new series, I will discuss about commonly asked questions from […]

Can A Couple Really Buy 2 Properties With Just $6000?
12 Jun

I believe this is a highly discussed topic for quite some time. Some will say it’s a gimmick or marketing […]

New Launch Vs Resale – Which Is Right For You?
27 May

New Launch Vs Resale? Troubled to understand which is right for you? There are many occasions where I understand buyers […]

Properties That I Will Avoid
15 May

Properties That I Will Avoid Series – Part #1 Welcome to my new Live Series on this topic where I […]

Singapore Property Market 2020 – Will You Buy During Covid-19
04 May

Lets discuss about Singapore Property Market 2020 especially if you would buy a property investment during Covid-19. I do understand […]

New Topic: Client’s Property Case Study
28 Apr

Today, I am proud to share 2 of my clients, Jaysen & Apple and Darren & Andrea property case studies. […]

Sell High, Buy High. True?
22 Apr

I always hear this common phrase, “Even if I sell my property at a high price, I also will need […]

4 Common Pitfalls Property Buyers / Investors Make!
27 Mar

Today, I will extract 1 unique case study in which a particular unit exchanged hands 4 times over the years […]

Why Is It A Bad Idea To Rent Out Your HDB While Renting Another Place To Stay?
27 Mar

One of the common reason that I heard is that some families wanted to rent a condo so that they […]

#1 Grave Mistake Buyers Made When Buying A Second Property Investment
29 Dec

What is the Number 1 Objective when it comes to buying a property investment?

2 Critical Mistakes That Property Buyers/Investors Are Not Aware
15 Dec

Recently I have spoken to tons of buyers and I realise that many property buyers today are buying solely base…

2 Critical Factors Why I Invest In This Property
04 Nov

Today I will be sharing my joy with everyone on my purchase of my property investment and my journey

Timeline For Sale Of HDB and Purchase Of PTE
14 Sep

Many HDB sellers have this common problem which is their HDB Resale Timeline and the Financing of their Pte Property…

New Launch Progressive Payment Scheme – Why Is This Good For Investment?
08 Sep

New Launch Progressive Payment Scheme, Why is this scheme good for my investment objectives?

Can I Buy Low Level Units For Property Investment?
25 Aug

Can I Buy LOW LEVEL units especially for Investment?

Is It Worth Buying LOFT Units?
18 Aug

What are Loft Units? Is It Worth Buying Loft Units?

Fear Of Investing In A Development With TOO Many Units
04 Aug

Fear of investing in a Development with TOO MANY UNITS

Will You Achieve Better Capital Growth If You Hold On To Your Property Longer
21 Jul

Does The Longer You Hold Your Property, The Better The Capital Growth?

Freehold vs Leasehold (Part 2)
07 Jul

Freehold Vs Leasehold Singapore

Freehold vs Leasehold (Part 1)
23 Jun

Freehold vs Leasehold (Part 1)

How Does Property Investment Related To Your Kid’s Primary 1 Registration
16 Jun

Today is a very interesting topic which is meant for parents that are preparing their Kids for Primary 1 Registration

What is MSR and TSR
09 Jun

Recently I received many enquiries on social media regards about the upcoming EC in punggol and I realised that quite…

Is Location Important When Buying A Property Investment For Rental
02 Jun

Is Location Important When Buying A Property Investment For Rental?

Avoid Buying These Property Types When Buying A New Property Launch
25 May

Buying A New Launch? Which Property Type Should I Avoid?

How Is Family And Property Related?
19 May

Family and Property - Is It Related?

Are 1 Bedroom Condo Good To Invest (Part 2)
12 May

Is 1 Bedroom Condo in Singapore a good investment?

Are 1 Bedroom Condo Good To Invest (Part 1)
05 May

Are 1 Bedroom Condo A Good Investment?

Holding Your HDB Because You Can Rent It Out?
28 Apr

you one of those who always believe that holding your HDB for rental is definitely one of the best option?…

Past 10 Years HDB Price History And Your Plans
21 Apr

you concerned about your HDB Prices in Singapore?

Not Upgrading Because Property Sizes Are Getting Smaller?
14 Apr

You are probably not interested in upgrading to a Pte Property especially those New Launches because you feel that the…

Is It Worth Paying ABSD For Second Property
07 Apr

Is it really worth paying ABSD (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty) Tax in Singapore for your second property investment?

Be Careful When Buying Resale Properties (Part 1)
31 Mar

Recently, I met this couple who wanted to upgrade from their HDB and purchase a PTE Resale Property to stay.

Should You Pay Off Your Outstanding Loan As Soon?
21 Mar

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Why Is It Not Easy To Decide On Your Property Investment
17 Mar

Why it is not easy to decide on your property investment

Financial Mistake To Avoid When Buying A Condo
08 Mar

Many aspiring first time property investors made this mistake.

Examples Of Bad Property Investment
25 Feb

Are you interested with Singapore Property Investment?

Why Your 1st Property Purchase Is Important
01 Feb

Exploring to buy your first property in Singapore?

Should I Sell My HDB And Upgrade To A Condo
11 Nov

In this video, I will share a Timeline Concept to explain why upgrading from HDB to a condo is extremely…

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